Casa Comete

History, nature, art and culture
combined together by the passion
for giving quality wines.

The wines

White IGT Veneto, Garganega and Incrocio Manzoni grapes with 5 months ripening in steel.
Esker is the geological name that defines a fluvioglacial chute.

Alcohol content: 12,5% vol. Storage temperature: 12-16°C Storage humidity: 60-80% Serving temperature: 7-12°C

Rosato IGT Veneto, Corvina and Rondinella grapes with natural maceration on the skins and 5 months ripening in steel and then tonneau.
Bagnol refers to the toponym of the production area, the history of the place.

Alcohol content: 12,5% vol. Storage temperature: 12-14°C Storage humidity: 60-80% Serving temperature: 10-14°C

Red IGT wine, a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux blend, with 16 months ripening part in steal and part in barriques.
Till is the geological name for a second-degree moraine hill.

Alcohol content: 13,5% vol. Storage temperature: 12-14°C Storage humidity: 60-80% Serving temperature: 18°C

The cellar

The name CASA COMETE quotes the appellation of the villa by Curzio Malaparte in Capri, Casa Comeme. The characterising trademark it’s a graphical elaboration of the Flower of Life, an iconic element of the decoration world.


The methods

The ultimate goal of the project is to produce excellent grapes to obtain wines in which complexity is combined with lightness.
The project aims to the reduction of the negative effects of the wine-growing activity on the environment; for this reason, since 2018 we have carried out the necessary steps to obtain the organic certification of cultivation and production, the first in 2021 and the second in 2022.

The commitment to respecting biodiversity, in addition to manifesting itself in the fields, is expressed in the winemaking with the use of indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation in wooden barrels.

The Fields

The heart of the farm it’s situated in Pastrengo (Bagnolo), in proximity of Garda’s Lake.
It is made of one moraine hill and a flat area, the wide wine terraced alternate to wooded edges. The total area is about 4 hectares: 2,7 of wine fields, the remaining is wood.
Southern of the land there is the natural reserve area of the resurgences of the Tione river.

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